We craft exciting conversational experiences

Scale your customer care, marketing, and sales operations with 24/7, lightning-fast virtual assistants.

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why chatbots?

3 billion people use Messaging applications once every waking hour—over 300,000 chatbots capitalise on this trend.

Significantly reduce workload

Automate up to 60% of all incoming customer queries on Facebook.

Boost sales & customer satisfaction

Enable a new, hyper-personalised channel for automated sales and retargeting.

Increase reach & engagement

Beat the news feed algorithms with sky-high open and engagement rates.

24/7 Customer intimacy

Don't close at 5pm. Stay open and engage with your consumers at the times convenient for them.

As millennials, we 🔨 chatbots your customers will absolutely 😍

Having worked with some of Australia’s largest and most recognisable brands, we’ve developed an intimate and unique understanding of consumer needs from an organisational and data-driven perspective.

why bot•hello?

Your strategic partner, from design to deployment—and beyond 🚀

World class bots

We design conversational experiences that reflect your brand's persona whilst directly meeting customers needs. We aim to exceed your expectations, and your customers.

A long-term relationship

We don't go anywhere. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your chatbot and your businesses ability to scale with the ever evolving innovations in the conversational space.

Solutions tailored to your KPIs

With all of our bot experiences built on our proprietary AI engine, we can tune our bots and models according to your business's needs and goals.

Streamline business operations

Plug your bot directly into your CRM, marketing databases or inventory management tools to enable streamlined querying and data collection at scale.

Ongoing optimisation

Once your bot is deployed our team monitor and review its conversational logs to ensure business goals are being met and quality is being assured.

Helping you understand your customer

Build a profile of your customer's needs by understanding what they want, and when they want it. Extract insights from conversational dialogue to better inform your decisions.

powered by the bot•hello engine

We make it easier than ever for consumer-facing brands to utilise conversational technologies.

Our purpose-built platform streamlines the design, development, management, and marketing processes necessary to create intuitive, and highly-effective chatbots.

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